Researching and sourcing up-to-date information for your project...

  • Comprehensive research on your health & wellbeing topic across multiple databases inc. scholarly journals, books, search engines
  • Sourcing images, both paid and free stock
  • Sort and structure your rough notes & information
  • Compile and collate your ideas into a coordinated content plan for your product or service

Writing words and creating health & wellbeing related content for...

  • Health Education Resources
  • Websites
  • E-books
  • Articles & editorials
  • Info sheets
  • Flyers
  • Press releases
  • Business documents inc. letters, policy & procedure manuals, pitch proposals and more

Editing, proofing and getting your project 'print & publish ready'...

  • Editing your work for the best possible read
  • Proofing content for grammar, spelling, punctuation & comprehension
  • Layout & design of the 'look' for your online and printable  documents
  • Format & prepare E-books for online bookshops, inc. Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Barnes & Noble

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Choose Your Own Package

Every business is unique as are the people running the show. That's why we provide a free 1/2 hour "Creating Great Content" Consultation to find out what you are looking to create for your business and how we can serve you best.   Complete the form below to take advantage of this free "Creating Great Content" consultation.

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Exceptional specialist writing, editing & proofing

"Let me take the stress out of your work day.  Relax... I'll handle your writing requirements quickly and accurately so you can go grab a well earned cuppa."

Kristy Rackham
Founder, Registered Nurse, Author, Writer

"Just to let you know I got the job as child and youth therapist – thank you for your help with the Arts therapy I said, I keep on repeating myself, you did a wonderful job."

Jason, Northern Territory
Senior Health Position Essay, QLD Health

How Can We Help You?

What topics / subjects can you write on?

We can apply knowledge and expertise to your job using direct experience in these industries:

  • Mindfulness & meditation (published in this field)
  • Natural/holistic health & wellbeing (20+ years experience)
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Allied health (working knowledge of Chiropractic, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Bowen Technique, Massage, Energy Psychology, Healing, and more)
  • Occupational health & safety (award winning)
  • Television & film
  • Shipping
  • Education
  • Event management
  • Hospitality
  • Small business

Why is diverse industry experience & knowledge important?

If you want words for any of these topics, our team already has lots of experience, extensive knowledge and understanding of these industries.  This means we can finish your job quickly and accurately, without having to spend long hours researching before writing.  This saves you both money and time.

My business doesn't fit any of these categories. Can you still help?

Yes!  Founder and director, Kristy Rackham, RN, is a perfectionist, quick learner, intuitive, soaks up info like a sponge, is always questing after more, greater, better, in a never ending onward and upward motion!  This can be unfortunate for her as life is short and there is so much to do, too much to learn.  But is definitely a lucky break for you!  It means that Kristy and her team will work solidly, diligently, passionately, consistently and accurately for your job. We want to know all about what you do and how great your idea, product or service is!  We are not satisfied until we know you and your topic well enough to do your job justice.   It definitely helps to provide the team with plenty of background material on your project at the get go too - this will save us 'google time' looking for information that you already have sitting lazily in your 'My Documents' file!  

I'm just starting out and really don't know what I need.  Do you have some advice?

Yes!  Let's sit down over a cuppa (or email/skype!) and find out where you're at.  

"I have knack for being able to see things that others miss and for translating nebulous ideas or complex information into tangible and digestible content", Kristy Rackham.  

We can work together to see what you need, and get you going.  Taking the steps doesn't have to be hard when you have The Write Fit on your team!  Also, it's worth considering our 'Small Biz Word Wiz' package for startups.  The details are above and  pretty hard to miss!

Do I need a brochure? Bi-fold or DL? Or perhaps a flyer? Should I write my own copy? What is 'copy'. I'm CONFUSED and not sure what I need. HELP?!

Don't stress!  Help is here! 

Complete the 'Free Consultation / Quote' form above and we can arrange a chat to discuss your project.  There's no obligation. Get together with founder, Kristy Rackham, for a FREE 1/2 hour consultation over the phone, skype or in person (if you're local) to discuss your project.  This is how we can tell if we're going to be the 'write fit' for each other.  If not, Kristy will tell you and help you find someone who will be able to serve your specific needs.

What if my project needs don't fit your service options? 

To list everything we are capable of would bore you and take up too much room on this page.  Simply fill in the 'Free Consultation / Quote' form and ask us!

Down to nuts and bolts.  What do you cost?

Our specialist rates are affordable for 'startups' and sole traders.  We love the satisfaction of doing a great job and setting people off on their new venture the right way with tonnes of value for money.  You will benefit enormously from our  expertise and solid skillset which will save you time and money that you can spend focusing on your passion and doing what you do best.   Please check out our 2016 rates card by clicking here now.  There are great packages available.  The more work we do together, the more you will save!

Did you write the copy for this website?

Of course!

Do you have another question or two?  You can ask anything about your writing job needs and a team member will respond within 48 hours. Click the button below.

“Murray’s” speech was an outstanding success with SO many people coming up to congratulate him.   His daughter & many others were tearful & Tiffany thought it was “just wonderful”.   She was very proud of him.  All the other speeches were overshadowed  and rather ordinary in comparison.  The whole day was a huge success.  We can’t thank you enough. "

Linda, Sydney
 Key Speech